UHPBC 2016/ 2017 Office Bearers

Patrons: Graham Hart - Glenn Banks

Committee Meetings

Race Committee 1st Wednesday of the month

Directors 3rd Wednesday of the month

Club Contacts

Geoff Bollins (02) 4732 2255 or 0407 228 614

John Davoll 0411 874 615

Graham Hart (02) 4587 8033 or 1300 878 033

Chairman: Glenn Banks

Commodore: John Davoll 0411 874 615   Noted: For one more year only

Vice Commodore:  Barry Chesser

Rear Commodore: Hayden Chesser

Secretary: Katie Marshall

Treasurer: Debbie Greentree

        Race Secretary:


Dylan Grentree

Kristie Walker

Sean Walker

Grant Heeley

Matt Peck

Andrew King

Peter Cuneen

Michael Newton

Emma Pottie

Geoff Bollins

Tom Kaal

Brenton Chesser

Membership Officer: Kristie Walker

Purser/Bar: Steve Maybury

Assistant Bar Co-Coordinator: Alan Long

Canteen Co-Coordinator: Debbie Maybury

User Group Delegate: Joy Smith

APBA Delegate: Dylan Greentree

APBA Co-delegate: Mick Thom

Publicity Officer:


Senior Scrutineers: Dylan Greentree, Michael Newton, Matt Peck

Assistant Scrutineer: Mark Andrews

Cell Scrutineer: Mick Thom

Safety and Salvage Officer: Sean Walker

Equipment Officer:  Sean Walker

Communications:  Mick Thom

Race Committee:

        Paul Vella  Formula Future

Peter Cuneen   Formula Future

Andrew King

Hayden Chesser

        Tom Kaal         

        Norm Curtis

Sean Walker

Social Committee:

Alan Long

Emma Pottie


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