Formula Future

Starting Racing

Want to get into junior racing and join the ranks of the Formula Future racers.

The Future of Power Boat racing, Is in our junior program. Junior races from the age of 8 years and older can participate in controlled conditions while learning the fundamentals of racing.

Formula Futures have 3 classes based on age:

J1 Class Is for the youngest of our racers. These racers may use an engine of up to 6hp manufacturers rating.

J2 Class is for racers aged 10 years & older. These racers may use an engine of up to 10hp manufacturers rating.

J3 Class Is for racers aged 12 years and older. These racers may use an engine of up to 15hp manufacturers rating.

A NSW Waterways Young Adult licence is compulsory for J3 competitors.

All junior engines are allowed only very minor modification from stock. The purpose of the program is to encourage and teach driver skills.

J1& J2 racing is conducted on a shorter course and J3 race on the full seniors course. All events are conducted on a handicap basis. With each racer doing timed laps of the course and their start time for the event being worked out from this.

Many of our top name drivers have come through our junior program, including Craig Bailey, Troy Marland, Michael Newton & Lyndsay McMillan, names well known to power boat racing followers.

Girls are also a part of Formula Future racing, its definitely not boys only.


Junior Events Are conducted at

Formula Future events are conducted at most spectaculars and all Club Days at the clubs listed above. There is also a junior class in the Bridge to Bridge boat race, they leave from Wilberforce and race to Windsor bridge under the eye of an official boat who follows them up the course. First Formula Future boat gets to grab the coke bottle hanging from the Bridge.

What you need to do to get started.

Get to a few meetings at Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club, held each month except January, talk to the families and drivers, sit in a few boats, ask lots of questions. you might even be able to organise a drive in one of the boats to see if you like it, most families are happy to encourage new families into the sport.

Join an APBA Affiliated Club. You will find a list of those in NSW you can join Upper Hawkesbury, here is the form: UHPBC Membership online renewal.

Get an APBA license. Applications and information for licenses APBA 2017 / 2018 Licence information


• A photocopy of your NSW Maritime or other State Boating Authority Boat Licence and/or Boat Registration is not attached.

• Forms (Medical/Licence/Boat Owner) are NOT COMPLETE or NOT SIGNED by YOURSELF or YOUR CLUB – it is YOUR responsibility to prove you have current Club Membership – not ours!

• There is NO Payment attached.



PO Box 443, Chester Hill NSW 2162

• Only two (2) NOVICE Licences can EVER be obtained.

• Not valid for any Championship, Major Day or Speed/Time Trials.

• Require the use of the Self-Assessing NOVICE MEDICAL Form.

• Are not to be issued to any driver that has previously held any type of APBA Competition Licence.

• Can be upgraded to FULL or ½ YEAR Licences

Naturally you will need to know the rules for the event you are entering, and as laid down in the APBA rule book. You will receive a copy of the rule book with your competition license. Novice Licenses do not receive a rule book. And you will be expected to make yourself aware of the course rules for the venue you attend.

2017 Rule Book.pdf

Some Safety gear.

How are license costs determined.
Your license fee is mostly used to pay for the insurance that protects us all. Only a very small pert of the license costs will be used for administration. The APBA is a non profit body, and we exist for no other reason to foster power boat racing events.

What next?
Get on the water and race!
Racing around the water on your own is one thing, doing the same thing with half a dozen other boats sometimes a few inches away from you is another. Especially in a corner.
As a new driver you will be given an outside starting position, or sometimes even behind the field. Watch the line drivers take throughout the course and learn from it. As a newbie don't try to get to involved until you are well aware of how you boat handles in race conditions. Drive wide on corners for your first few events, as your skill improves so will your confidence, and after a while you will think nothing of going gunwale to gunwale with other drivers.
Get as many races as you can. Handicap races are the go for new drivers. In these slower boats go earlier than faster boats and in theory everyone should finish in a nice neat line, they don't though and this is where driver consistency and skill pays off. This same consistency and skill is the hallmark of a good driver in any area of the sport, from the smallest juniors to the biggest unlimited.

Arrive nice and early, and make yourself known to the officer of the day, or to the control tower who will advise you what to do next. And who to see to have your boat inspected by the club boat inspectors. Talk to the other families we are a friendly bunch.

Formula Future races are handicap events.
Speedboat handicaps are based on time.

You will first do some laps where you will be timed. It is important to remember that these laps will be under different conditions than an actual race. The water will not have other boats wash all around the course, and in the corners you will not be negotiating your way with several other boats. Maintain a speed that you think you can duplicate under race conditions.

You will be given a time to start, which will be by a clock on the control tower. It is important that you start right on time. If you do your exact same time for the race but start 10 seconds late, its not going to do you much good, because if you come in with the rest of the field, you will have gone to fast (Breaking time) and will be disqualified. It is very important that you cross the start line on time, the only way to do this is practice.. Starting all over the place is not the way to become a winner.

Remember above all safety is the first thing to consider in any situation. If you feel it is becoming unsafe or your skills are not up to it, slow down, don't close your eyes and hope for the best.

Have fun and enjoy going racing with your family.

APBA Formula Future Photo Consent Form.pdf

Occasionally, at race meetings the Australian Power Boat Association (APBA) or APBA Affiliated Clubs may take photographs or video or web cam recordings of drivers in the Formula Future classes. The APBA or Club may use these images in printed publications, as well as on APBA or Club websites or on project display boards.

From time to time, media may visit race meeting and may take photographs or film footage of a high profile event. Formula Future Drivers could often appear in these images, which may appear in local or national newspapers, or on televised news programmes.

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we need your permission before we can photograph or make any recordings of your child for promotional purposes.

However, you should be aware that this consent does not cover members of the public not associated with the Australian Power Boat Association or APBA Affiliated Clubs.

Please read and answer questions 1 to 4 below, then, if you agree, please sign and date the form where shown.

Return the completed form to with your Formula Future licence paperwork as soon as possible.

Conditions of use

1. This form is valid for five (5) years from the date you sign it. The consent will automatically expire after this time.

2. The APBA or Club will not use the personal details or full names (which means first name and surname) of any child or adult in a photographic image or in any of our other printed publications without good reason.

For example: The APBA or Club may include the full name of Formula Future driver has won an award or to publish results.

3. If the APBA or Club name a child in the text, we will not use a photograph of that child to accompany the article without good reason. (See point 3 above.)

4. The APBA or Club will not include personal information, such as e-mail or postal addresses, or telephone or fax numbers on video, on our website, or in other printed publications.

5. The APBA or Club may include pictures of Formula Future drivers that have written an article or made a quote that could be of great interest to other boating members.

6. The APBA or Club may use group photographs or footage with very general labels, such as race day at XYZ.

7. The APBA or Club will only use images of Formula Future drivers who are suitably dressed, to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately.

Please note: The press are exempt from the Data Protection Act and may want to include the names and personal details of children and adults in the media.

Additional APBA Formula Future Rules


To: All Formula Future Owners and Drivers

All NSW Clubs

Date: Monday 30 May 2011

Subject: The use of non-standard throttle cams in Formula Future classes, motor modifications and fuel.

It has been bought to the NSW Councils’ attention that some engines are not using the standard production throttle cam as produced by manufacturers and sold with some brands of 6 hp, 9.9hp and 15 hp engines.

The throttle cam can be easily checked and any motor found using a non-standard throttle cam will not be permitted to race in any Championship event, unless the original throttle cam is reinstalled to the engine and rechecked.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of following Specific Formula Future Rules which read:

Rule 1604.01 All outboard motors must meet the requirements for a standard motor. Only the modifications listed in Specific Outboard Rules 1203.00 to 1203.2414 will be permitted.

Rule 1604.04 FUEL – Fuels must be commercially available unleaded fuel.

Your in racing, Glenn Burns, Secretary

Additional Upper Hawkesbury Formula Future Rules

These are additional Upper Hawkesbury Formula Future Club Rules, however the APBA could be looking to make these rules National in the near future.

One of the most important safety concerns our club has is flotation of the boats. All junior boats competing at UHPBC are required to have been 'sink tested'. This would require you to remove your engine and we will bolt an old outboard block and attempt to sink your boat in a controlled environment.

1. We have allowed the continued use of 'race' propellors but will monitor this closely.

2. All kill switches are to be mounted in between the driver and the steering wheel in a safe position as not to be able to be caught on anything inside the boat.

3. All steering cables are to be below deck height and in a position not to obstruct the drivers egress from the boat.

4. All drivers are to have the seat fitted a reasonable distance from the steering wheel as not to hinder the drivers egress from the boat in the case of an emergency. This will be adjudicated on by our scrutineers.

5. Engine height: Must have the top of the exhaust tube no higher than the lowest wetted area of the boat.

6. All boats must have a current APBA engine seal.

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NSW Glenn Banks Formula Future Pointscore 2013 - 2014

1st Briney Rigby  DVBC    25,787

2nd Blake Sherry DVBC   18,155

3rd Hayden Sherry DVBC  15,128

The Future of power boat racing is in very good hands. This was the presentation for the Glenn Banks Formula Future NSW Point-score trophy for the 2013 / 2014 season.  Briney Rigby has had her heart set on winning this trophy and win she did by a margin of 7632 points from fellow Dargle Valley Boat Club members Blake and Hayden Sherry. Congratulations to all the Formula Future racers and their families as there were 52 Formula Future drivers from all states that earned points in NSW for the season and there was approximately 250 thousand points awarded across the season so it shows how much racing was done by this talented bunch.


Complete list of results in PDF


2013- 2014 UHPBC Pointscore Winners

J1  1st   Wyatt North

      2nd   Danielle Costa

J2  1st   Travis North

      2nd Blake Sherry


J3   1st Louise Vella

      2nd   Hayden Sherry

      3rd   Carson McAuley

2015 Australian Formula Future Championship

Gordon Atkinson Trophy – Australian J3 Formula Future Championship


1st Jordan Sonter

2nd  Courtney Sonter

3rd  Zac Atkinson

4th Louise Vella

5th Ben Icton

6th Kristian Gray

Presidents Trophy  Louise Vella

Encouragement Award  Kate Murphy

Best Presented  Shelbee Sonter

 Next UHPBC Events:                                                                                                     

  Club Day - Sunday 10th December

12 months of racing and it came down to just 60 points between Brad Beasley and Karla Foody in the Glenn Banks Trophy - NSW Formula Future Point Score. 44 competitors from NSW, VIC, QLD and SA.

Well done to all of the competitors!!

NSW Formula Future Titles


Australian Formula Future Championships DMBC 21st January 2017

Provisional Results - Are here!

(Results to be ratified by the National Council)


 C L & D Mayfield Trophy – Australian J1 Formula Future Championship

1st -  Max Cook DVBC

 Mack Kennedy Trophy – Australian J2 Formula Future Championship

1st - Karla Foody  UHPBC

 Gordon Atkinson Trophy – Australian J3 Formula Future Championship

1st - Victoria Beasley

UHPBC 2016 Point-score Results are here

UHPBC 2016  Point-score  

 J1    1st    Its All About    Max Max Cook    8319

 J1    2nd     A Little Twisted    Blake Frankham    3800

 J1    3rd    Little Loosifer    Andrew Smith    1525


 J2    1st    Attitude    Wyatt North    8215

 J2    2nd     Predator    Jackson Gay    7899

 J2    3rd    Miss Behaved    Paige Cunneen    6115


 J3    1st    Nitro    Travis North    5384

 J3    2nd     Hyper    Coby Howard    5357

 J3    3rd    Mini Rapt    Blake Sherry    5286

Congratulations to Paige Cunneen on winning the 2015 - 2016 Glenn Banks Formula Future Point-score.



C D & L Trophy – Australian J1 Championship

1st – Little Looseifer – Andrew Smith – 827 points *

2nd – Girl Power – Madison Yarroll – 827 points

3rd – A Little Twisted – Blake Frankham – 794 points

4th – Stone & Co – Ben Stone – 619 points

5th – Lightning McQueen – Brad Beasley – 596 points

* Little Looseifer varied the least amount of time over the finals

Mack Kennedy Trophy – Australian J2 Championship

1st – Full Throttle – Ryan Eaves – 1025 points

2nd – Miss Behaved – Paige Cunneen – 900 points

3rd – Predator – Jackson Gay – 850 points

4th – Louie Pie – Karla Foody – 507 points

Australian J3 Championship – Qualifying Rounds

(Top 6 point scorers to final series)

Hyper – Coby Howard – 1025 points

Mini Rapt – Blake Sherry – 927 points

Giddy Up – Shelbee Sonter – 925 points

Obsession – Kayla Malbon – 695 points

Dusty II – Kristian Gray – 664 points

Jnr Acko Racing – Zac Atkinson – 638 points

Predator – Indiana Gay – 619 points

Hairy – Luke Sawyer – 617 points

Believe – Victoria Beasley – 554 points

Major Blink – Stephanie Cooper – 552 points

Wing N It – Sam Voss – 465 points

Gordon Atkinson Trophy – Australian J3 Championship

1st – Jnr Acko Racing – Zac Atkinson – 1025 points

2nd – Giddy Up – Shelbee Sonter – 850 points

3rd – Obsession – Kayla Malbon – 596 points

4th – Hyper – Coby Howard – 554 points

5th – Dusty II – Kristian Gray – 490 points

6th – Mini Rapt – Blake Sherry – 433 points

Best Presented Team Award – Wing N It – Sam Voss

Encouragement Award – Karla Foody

NSW President’s Award – Stephanie Cooper

Congratulations Ben Icton

2014 -2015 Glenn Banks NSW Point-score Recipient

2nd Blake Sherry

3rd Kristian Gray


 NSW J1 – Phil Burns Memorial Trophy  - Congratulations Ben Stone

NSW J2 – Secretary’s Trophy  - Congratulations  - Victoria Beasley

NSW J3 – President’s Trophy - Congratulations  - Victoria Beasley

 Full results on NSW APBA website