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The Club was formed in 1938 under the banner of the Upper Hawkesbury Motor Boat Club.

This makes it the oldest continually running Club in Australia .

Bridge to Bridges were run prior to the founding of the Club by boating enthusiasts.

The Bridge to Bridge is run on the first Sunday in May & the annual Spectacular in September.

Today the Club caters for most types of racing, Inboards, Outboards, Handicaps, and Scratch races, large Spectaculars and Club Race days.

Ages range from Juniors of 8 years of age to some of our senior members of 70 years and older.

 Some of Australia's Power Boat racing Champions started off in Formula Future racing.

Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club is at Governor Phillip Park, at the Windsor boat ramp.


 13 August 2018 was the last time this site was updated


Thank you Beneficial Safety for your very much appreciated donation of a Resus Kit / Oxy Viva.

Thank you Dave Coldy for your generous support of UHPBC and supplying the club with the use of a new Defibrillator.

Next UHPBC Events:

Cell Test and Formula Future Safety Swim on Saturday 1st September at Oasis Pool,

 South Windsor.

Competitor Information Now Available

Online Entry Available now.

Club Day - Sunday 21st October

Round One: Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club – 18-20 January 2019

 Round Two: Riverland Powerboat Club – 26-27 January 2019.

News letters 1, 2 and 3 are here.

2018 / 2019 APBA National Calendar Now AVAILABLE

John Bosher’s excellent photos of the August Club Day are here

Thanks to TR Marine and Mercury for helping the club replace our control boat and Contrast Printing for making it look the goods!

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